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Made With Love ...

YASA recently revamped our original Thrift Store by rebranding as an all-purpose Boutique that provides essential clothing to Veterans (“Vouchers For Veterans”) at no cost, Dress for Success clothing for  people who are either beginning &/or returning to a career, as well as re-purposed and DIY items made by the men and women we support. The ladies and gentlemen provide daily inspiration to our customers, who at this point, need a helping hand.  In this manner, we teach those essential skills to the men and women we support while helping those that need us.

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Get Involved

If you’d like to be a part of our exciting new venture, here are the many ways you can support YASA:

Baby Clothes
Crafts Supplies
DIY Macrame Flowerpot Hangers

Clothing Donations

We would appreciate donations of clothing that is in good condition, that we will earmark for Veterans &/or for those men and women who need business attire for interviews or employment.

Arts & Crafts

We would appreciate donations of crafts for use for our DIY projects.

Item Donations

We would appreciate donations of home décor & other home items that are in good working condition in order to up-cycle in our Boutique.

Call To Schedule your Pick up Today!

The young men and women we support in our YASA Day Program have enthusiastically welcomed the ‘re-purposing” of the former Thrift Store and are enjoying the new skills and opportunities that are so plentiful in this new venture!

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